Texas ASCD Annual Conference 2017

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Dr. Akilah Willery

Aldine ISD
Executive Director, Professional & Digital Learning
Executive Director of Professional Learning & Technology Integration
I went into education like everyone else, hoping to change the world. My goal hasn't changed, but the audience has grown and evolved over the past 20 years. Part of that evolution has included introducing more educators to the power of technology integration not only with delivering instruction, but also in exposing students to worlds beyond their immediate surroundings. Our real worlds and digital worlds have already collided, leaving our students in need of skillful guides to help them navigate through both. I am especially determined to prepare underrepresented groups of students with the technology skills to make them competitive in tomorrow's job market.

I grew up in an environment very much like that of the students I serve. A love of books, current events, running, beaches and SciFi movies make up the person I grew up to be. Although I currently serve within a "tech" group, I am not the super techie you might imagine. I use technology to work smarter and more efficiently, and do my best to remain authentically low tech when appropriate. Find your balance by following our team and get infected with their creativity and enthusiasm to get YOU started on YOUR tech journey.
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