Texas ASCD Annual Conference 2017

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Lesli Brown

Spring Branch ISD
Learning and Design Specialist, Personalized Professional Learning team
Houston, TX
A friend, a sister, a daughter, an educator, a Math nerd, an HLSR and AJL volunteer, a Dallas Cowboys fan, a member of the Personalized Professional Learning team, a mom to two fur babies, a godmother, a bullet journalist, and a Pinterest addict. An ever-evolving list that may be contradictory at times but together creates who I am. On this journey of life and being human, I continue to learn something new with each new experience and each new person I meet.
Sunday, October 29

2:45pm CDT

3:30pm CDT

4:40pm CDT

5:45pm CDT

Monday, October 30

7:00am CDT

7:45am CDT

8:00am CDT

8:10am CDT

9:30am CDT

10:00am CDT

11:10am CDT

11:30am CDT

12:10pm CDT

1:05pm CDT

1:25pm CDT

1:30pm CDT

2:45pm CDT

3:00pm CDT

3:05pm CDT

4:15pm CDT

5:30pm CDT

Tuesday, October 31

7:00am CDT

7:15am CDT

8:00am CDT

8:05am CDT

9:45am CDT

10:00am CDT

11:10am CDT

12:15pm CDT