Texas ASCD Annual Conference 2017

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Sunday, October 29

3:30pm CDT

The Pie Chart Dance
Educators have to perform, but not just for students. Our colleagues are also key players in the journey to educate our youth. What happens when a large group of education specialists are confused about an important project's objective and how to achieve it? Enter the Pie Chart Dance. Come hear how original ways of communicating and collaborating can be used within organizational structures, and with impressive results! You might walk in, but you'll feel like dancing out!


Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen

Principia College

Wendy Coleman Owens

Professional learning speciali, Fort Worth ISD

Sunday October 29, 2017 3:30pm - 4:30pm CDT
Arboretum 4

4:40pm CDT

Augmented Reality | The Tool for Student Engagement
Studies have proven that the emerging 3D technology, augmented reality, increases engagement, motivates early learners, and assists with classroom management. Alive Studios has embraced this technology and has built highly-imaginative reading and math programs where letters, words, and numbers come alive. Attendees will learn the brain science behind the success of the technology and will be presented with several walkaway ideas that can be easily implemented in their classrooms.


Faith Dewerd

Alive Studios

Cynthia Kaye

Alive Studios

Sunday October 29, 2017 4:40pm - 5:40pm CDT

4:40pm CDT

Beat the Clock: Teach More in Less Time!
It is time to reclaim instruction time! Do we truly have high expectations when we allow students to act inappropriately? What message are we sending them when we “pay” students to behave? We can no longer continue going through the motions and expect positive change. We need to take a stand for what is best… high expectations for academics and discipline… it only makes sense!

avatar for Cori Spellane

Cori Spellane

ELAR Middle School Strategist, Time To Teach
Mrs. Cori Spellane serves the students and staff of Los Fresnos CISD as the Middle School English Language Arts Strategist. Cori has over fourteen years teaching experience. Throughout her career in education, she has taught grades fourth through eighth regular and special education... Read More →

Sunday October 29, 2017 4:40pm - 5:40pm CDT
Arboretum 2

4:40pm CDT

Empowering Students Through the Arts: Our Journey to Become an Arts Integration Academy
Come find out how our Title I, Dual Language campus has utilized the arts to empower and engage students, foster creativity for both students and teachers while enriching school culture and improving instructional practices and stimulating higher level thinking. We will share our journey and what we have found successful in our transformation into an arts integration academy. Leave with some simple strategies that anyone can use to harness the power of the arts.

avatar for Kathy Cawthron

Kathy Cawthron

Principal, Round Rock ISD
I am a dedicated educator with 28 years of experience in Title I schools. I am privileged to be the current principal of Berkman Elementary Arts Integration Academy in Round Rock ISD, where we transformed our campus to provide enriching arts integrated classroom experiences, enhanced... Read More →
avatar for Jesse Dones

Jesse Dones

Arts Integration Coordinator, Voigt Arts Integration Academy
Arts Integration Coordinator for Voigt Elementary in Round Rock ISD. I have a background in Theatre, Art, Music and Special Education. I love all the arts and technology! Find me on Twitter @TheMrDones
avatar for Berkman AIA Leadership Students

Berkman AIA Leadership Students

Students, Berkman Arts Integration Academy
I am the arts integration coordinator for Berkman Arts Integration Academy in Round Rock, Texas. It is my passion to help teachers and students harness the power of the arts into all aspects of teaching and learning. In my 17 years as an educator I have taught in both the general... Read More →
avatar for Deborah Vasquez

Deborah Vasquez

DL Instructional Coach, Berkman AIA
As a Dual Language Instructional Coach, it is my passion to maintain ongoing collaborative relationships and conversations with DL teachers and administrators. Each week I work to support, model, co-teach and plan with our amazing DL/ELL/AI staff members. Our program goals are to... Read More →

Sunday October 29, 2017 4:40pm - 5:40pm CDT
Arboretum 1
Monday, October 30

10:00am CDT

Humanizing Homework
Is it all right not to have all the answers as long as you are asking the right questions? In this discussion based session, we seek to challenge the status quo regarding homework, penalties, retakes, and redos by reflecting on, and questioning, our own assumptions and traditions. We seek to collaborate for clarity with other educational leaders about this shift from “doing what we’ve always done” to “doing what’s best for each child.”

avatar for Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball

Director for Professional Learning, Little Elm ISD
avatar for Dr. Tony Tipton

Dr. Tony Tipton

Executive Director for Marketing & CTE, Little Elm ISD
My research interests include organizational culture, change process, leading leaders, educational technology, and the future of learning.

Monday October 30, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am CDT
Arboretum 2

11:10am CDT

Great Brains on Fire! Rattle my Brain!
Brain Power Today will shake your nerves and ignite your brain, Too much sitting without movement will make “ALL” insane, We’ll get you energized, oh what a thrill… Goodness gracious, great strategies BPT will reveal!

Would you like your students and teachers to be motivated, energized along with academic gains? If you answered “yes” then Brain Power Today is for YOU. Guaranteed highly energized activities that will leave the audience ready to motivate teachers and students. Easy implementation in all content and grade level at a low or no cost!

Presenters: Gail Ward, Ishmael Muhammad

avatar for Ishmael Muhammad

Ishmael Muhammad

ELAR Educator, Pasadena ISD
avatar for Gail Ward

Gail Ward

Assistant Principal/Founder of Brain Power Today, Brain Power Today
Brain Power Today is a team of teachers that are exciting, motivating and full of energy. This team takes topic that are concerns in education and presents strategies to concur the challenges through exciting and energizing presentations. The personality of the presenters and energy... Read More →

Monday October 30, 2017 11:10am - 12:10pm CDT
Arboretum 5

11:10am CDT

The Curriculum Management Audit: An Organizational Analysis Examining all Factors of Teaching and Learning
Learn how curriculum management audit services can equip your leadership team with the tools necessary to objectively evaluate not only your curriculum, but all facets of the organization impacting student learning. Hear from a district how curriculum management audit and related trainings can provide a structured approach to evaluating such areas as curriculum, assessment, and program design; instructional delivery; equality and equity issues; and policy direction, planning for change, and goal prioritization.


Robert Bayard

Texas Association of School Administrators

Steven Ebell

DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT, Texas Association of School Administrators
Texas Association of School Administrators

Eric Simpson

Director, Texas Association of School Administrators

Monday October 30, 2017 11:10am - 12:10pm CDT
Arboretum 2

11:10am CDT

The Struggle is Real
Students really learn in the struggle, not in the answers. This session will help explain the reason behind letting students struggle and how much is too much. We will offer strategies to help create an environment that allows students to feel safe struggling, ask questions and as a teacher how far to guide them and to push them to find their own answers.


Erin Frye

Legacy High School
avatar for Michelle Hurst

Michelle Hurst

science teacher, Mansfield ISD
I am the secondary science coordinator in Mansfield with 18 years of the science classroom. Most years I learn as much as I teach. I recently earned my doctorate in curriculum and instruction. I have two kids, a dog and a very messy car. I spend most of my weekends on the soccer fields... Read More →

Wendy Thacker

Kennedale High School

ASCD pptx

Monday October 30, 2017 11:10am - 12:10pm CDT

3:05pm CDT

Designing Engaging Curriculum to Meet the Needs of Future-Ready Learners: A Vision-Centered Process
What an exciting opportunity! Taking our district vision and designing a curriculum to meet the challenges of teaching today's students was a process that involved over 200 teachers and administrators. Join us to hear how we carried out this audacious goal with the approach of facilitating the work alongside empowered teachers as leaders in the year-long process. This collaborative work resulted in authentic curriculum guidance documents that are user-friendly and incorporate strategies and resources that will transform instruction in our district - - all created by our awesome teachers! We will share lessons learned for every step of the process, at every level including district and campus administrators as well as classroom teachers.


Cheri Braden

Director of Elem. Curriculum, San Angelo Independent School District
avatar for Shelly Huddleston

Shelly Huddleston

Director of Sec. Curriculum, San Angelo Independent School District

Jana Rueter

Asst. Supt. of Curr & Instr, San Angelo ISD

Monday October 30, 2017 3:05pm - 4:05pm CDT

3:05pm CDT

Partnering for Success to Foster School Improvement
This session will introduce a protocol for dynamic dialogues to build leadership capacity for overcoming the challenges of initiating change in schools and districts. To ensure that through the analysis of data and needs assessments, every school has a balanced approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment for equitable student access for unparalleled learning experiences.

avatar for Jennifer Munoz

Jennifer Munoz

Coordinator of Accountability and School Improvement, Katy ISD
avatar for Sherita L. Wilson-Rodgers

Sherita L. Wilson-Rodgers

Coordinator of Accountability and School Improvement, Katy ISD

Monday October 30, 2017 3:05pm - 4:05pm CDT

4:15pm CDT

Language and the Arts: The Keys to Cognition
In Arlington ISD, the Corey & Jones Fine Arts and Dual Language Academies are using the power of linguistics and arts integration to increase cognition. Both schools use a 50/50 Two-Way Dual Language Immersion model (Spanish), Mandarin Chinese (FLES), and Fine Arts integration including Music, Art, Theatre, Dance, and Piano. The presentation will focus on the benefits of arts and language integration to cognition and learning and will highlight student achievement in the model.



I am the proud principal of Jones Academy in Arlington ISD, where we bring learning to life through language, culture, music, dance, theatre and art. I am very blessed to lead an innovative, student-centered team of teachers. I have a passion for public education, language acquisition... Read More →
avatar for Matt Varnell

Matt Varnell

Principal, Corey Academy
I am an energetic and experienced principal looking for innovative ways to bring school choice into the public sector. I am very proud to be a part of the innovative Fine Arts and Dual Language Experience at The Dean P. Corey Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language in Arlington IS... Read More →

Monday October 30, 2017 4:15pm - 5:15pm CDT
Arboretum 4

4:15pm CDT

The Innovation Incubator: Hatching Ideas About Professional Development
Who are you designing professional development for?  Do you seek first to truly understand the needs of stakeholders?  In 2016, North East ISD challenged our district instructional leaders to utilize the components of Human-Centered Design Theory to generate innovative ideas to improve our practices.  Through this process, ideas were incubated and hatched.  This session provides participants with an overview of how we used Human-Centered Design Thinking to re-examine and redesign professional development in our district.

avatar for Cindy Gregory

Cindy Gregory

Director of Professional Development, North East ISD
avatar for Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams

Director for Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction, North East ISD
Currently in my 26th year in education, I am passionate about students with diverse learning needs, especially those with IEPs. I am always looking for ways to improve student achievement and outcomes for these students. I believe that high quality professional development is essential... Read More →

Monday October 30, 2017 4:15pm - 5:15pm CDT

4:15pm CDT

Your Math Mission: Equip and Empower
Memorization is out; KNOWing what you are doing is IN. Come, play, and experience how offering your students opportunities to prove their mathematical reasoning opens doors to independent problem solving. Equip and empower ALL students to make math work for them. This hands-on session provides ideas on how to use common manipulatives and also innovative Math Stackers to prove and utilize the properties and interrelatedness of math. Develop mathematicians who know their stuff!

avatar for Kelly Threadgill

Kelly Threadgill

Math Stackers, Inc., President & Creator
After discovering that her creative mind empowered her to see mathematics from a different perspective, Kelly earned a Masters in Mathematics Education and set out to provide the best math experiences for all her students. After 10 years in the classroom inventing authentic, active... Read More →

Monday October 30, 2017 4:15pm - 5:15pm CDT
Arboretum 3
Tuesday, October 31

10:00am CDT

CANCELLED - Where Old School Meets New School
"Old School" academics (reading, writing, mathematics) is meeting "New School" curriculum (Social Emotional Learning, Technology, Fine Arts) to develop the whole child. After traditional 'Old School' academics are established, the creative expansion of 'New School' academics are implemented. Learn how two urban Title 1 schools (National Blue Ribbon Schools) with challenging student demographics innovated and met the 'Old School' academic challenge and implemented 'New School' curriculum to dramatically change the lives of minority and economically disadvantaged children.


Blaine Helwig

ADMN, Retired

Betty Jenkins

Austin ISD - Exec. Dir. School Improvement

Tuesday October 31, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am CDT

10:00am CDT

The Enrollment Capacity of Secondary Schools - A Function of How We Use Spaces, not the Numbers of Rooms/Seats
School districts evolve constantly re: the numbers and locations of students, the instructional methods and programs they are to provide, and the budgets within which they must operate—and these impact, and are impacted by the nature and capacity of existing and future school facilities. The presentation will explore capacity analyses of existing facilities, and the projection in long range plans/bond programs of facility needs and costs to serve future enrollments and programs.


Christopher Juntti

Spring Branch ISD

Frank Kelly

Architect, Planner, Stantec

Tuesday October 31, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am CDT

11:10am CDT

Don't Let Communication Breakdowns Break You Down
Education is a people business. The biggest roadblock to the success of our organizations is miscommunication. This session will give you hands on practice in evaluating, prioritizing, and responding to communication from various stakeholders. Real life examples will be used to help you practice your communication skills... so your road will be clear!

avatar for Martin Silverman

Martin Silverman

Judson ISD

Tuesday October 31, 2017 11:10am - 12:00pm CDT